Drug Crimes and How You Can Defend Yourself

drug crimeDrug crimes are considered to be some of the most serious crimes all over the world. If you are found to be in possession of any illegal drug regardless of the quantity or intent, you will be in for big trouble. Whether you are distributing, trafficking or consuming the authorities all over the world are serious about fighting drugs.

For you to get a fair ruling in a drug case you must hire a top notch drug crime attorney who can be able to defend you in a court of law and take advantage of the loop holes that exist in the law to ensure that you get minimal sentence or even get away with it. Most of the attorneys are good at challenging the manner in which the case was handled by the police. They are quick to pinpoint any area that the police may have ignored or documented poorly and use that to your advantage.

Since drug related crimes attract long sentences and huge fines, it is a good idea to hire the best lawyers in town. Failure to do this may lead to undesirable consequences. Although laws about drug crimes different from one state to the other or one country to another, the one thing they have in common is the fact that they are harsh and attract stiff penalties. The sentences or punishment of the crime depends on 3 factors namely:
– Quantity
-Drug classification
-Purpose of the possession
The most serious crime is manufacturing, trafficking, distribution or selling any type of drugs. Depending on the state being is possession of small quantities for personal use may attract a huge fine say $12,000 while being is possession with huge quantities may attract jail time.

If you are found selling the drugs to minors or distributing near schools, you will get a stiffer penalty than someone dealing with adults. In addition the so called drug kingpins who finance and employ people to traffic and distribute the drugs in huge quantities, the penalties are even stiffer with a combination of jail term and huge fines. Some states recommend a lifetime jail term without the option of parole or even a death sentence.

The jail term depends on whether you are a first time offender or whether you been accused of similar charges in the past or even any other crime. Most of the judges give anything between three years to twelve years in prison for repeat offenders, while first time offenders may get lenient sentences.
If you are involved in the illegal drug trafficking or distribution, you need to ask yourself whether the high profits are worth the legal consequences. Most people are lured by the good money in the drug trade and forget the dire consequences if you are arrested and convicted.

It is important to remember that even if you hire the best attorney in town, your chances to get away with serious drug crimes are minimal. The lawyer will only negotiate for a fair trial and defend you in a professional manner.