Uncontested Divorces: How Do They Work?

An uncontested divorce is a divorce that is mutual between the two parties. Uncontested also refers to the details of the divorce and how the parties agree on most issues within the divorce proceedings.

A divorce is easier to get through if agreements are made outside of court. This is where an uncontested divorce will come in and save both parties time and financial burden. Hiring a lawyer is still a good idea for those who don’t wish to represent themselves, but it will be cheaper because of the amount of time already spent coming to agreements.

divorce lawThe paperwork for an uncontested divorce can be obtained with a local county clerk. It is usually called a Dissolution of Marriage or Petition for Divorce. The county clerk will either ask you or show you where to enter that your divorce is uncontested on the paperwork.

Most states will award an uncontested divorces without physical court time, as long as there are no children involved and agreements are complete with both parties.

There is usually a waiting period before the divorce is awarded. The waiting period for an uncontested divorce with no children involved varies by state law.

The steps to obtain an uncontested divorce are:
Obtain and complete divorce packet from the county clerk’s office.
Serve your spouse with the petition, based on state laws.
File the paperwork stating your spouse was served and get a court date. (If you show up with your spouse, this can go faster for both of you).
Your spouse files a response to the initial divorce papers.

If you have children you may be required to take parenting classes and show up to court, depending on the state. There will also be a child support determination on your court date.
Once the waiting period is over and all of your paperwork is complete and the divorce is issued.

Divorce Laws and How They Change

Every country or state has their particular divorce laws. These laws have been enacted in order to make the divorce process clear as well as smooth. Though there are some minor differences, laws on divorce are fairly alike across the board in spite of where you are; the main reason being that they are trying to achieve a similar goal.

The divorce process starts by filling an appeal with a Tampa probate attorney in your area. The individual who initiates a divorce is referred to as the petitioner. The other spouse becomes the respondent and is required by the law to provide a response once the petition has been filled. Co-respondents or other people who have some kind of significance to the relationship can be involved, too.

There are many reasons spouses would like to file for a divorce. In other words, there are particular situations or actions that must be evident in order to for a divorce to succeed. Some of these actions and events include adultery, irrational acts, being apart for some period of time, and other situations that offer grounds for divorce. It’s either this or filing a Will contest attorney Tampa for a dispute of action on unresolved cases.

The divorce process should not be a long one, all you need to consider are the many resources that are involved. There are some documents that will be needed to accompany the petition. The respondent is normally served with copies of the petition. Another vital document is the statement of arrangement which covers any child that is involved, particularly where they will reside as well as go to school. Make sure your family law attorney – http://zoeckleinlawpa.com/practice-areas/family-law/ – has the expertise to guide you successfully in your case.

Other needed document includes marriage certificates and statements of reconciliation. Normally, the petitioner will be required to hire a suitable divorce attorney in order to help him or her in verifying the mentioned documents. In some cases, application of public funding certificate will be recommended. A certain amount of court fees will also be paid when required. According to the laws that govern divorce procedures, the judge will eventually make the decision concerning the destiny of both parties.

What to Look for when Hiring a Divorce Attorney

When you are facing divorce in your marriage, it is advisable that you hire a divorce lawyer to help you get the best results in the process. When you are facing divorce, this can be one of the most trying moments in your life. You might be emotionally or physically affected because of the stress or depression you might get. By working with a lawyer specializing in divorce, you can be assured that everyone involved in the case gets the best. You will be assured that your children will not be affected by the divorce and ensure that you get a fairs share. When you are choosing a Tampa divorce attorney make sure you consider the following factors.


One of the things that you must consider is the amount of fees charged by different attorneys in the market. Carry out thorough search to ensure that you get a lawyer who charges the most affordable and reasonable fees. Avoid those who ask you to make some up front payment or those who charge the cheapest price. The cheapest lawyers might lack the right experience and qualifications to offer high level standards.

Duration in the market

Another factor you need to look for is the duration that a divorce lawyer has been offering their family law services in your area. Always work with a lawyer with more than five years to be assured of the best results. Such lawyers know all the divorce laws in the area and, thus you can expect them to provide you with the right advice in the process.

Certification and accreditation

Before you enter into any contract with a lawyer, it is good to check that they have the right certifications and accreditation from relevant authorities or institutions. This will help you avoid falling victim of scams or frauds in the market.

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